Episode 6: Between a Rock and a Work Strike
19 December 2012 Session

Most of the minor projects we finished on time before we got to the space port. Although the documentation and research of the basic operations for the alien ship’s technology was still ongoing. News that Teleprime had shut down all operations in this sector was a bit sobering. We were probably presumed dead and any contact might end up simliar to the last situation. I for one was against me being shot again. Granted dealing with another corporations human resource issues wasn’t the type of thing you would think of to take my mind off of it. At least we might get a chance to audit them.

Episode 05: Escape and Evasion
12 Dec 2012 Session

I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating since I was recently shot. In my line of work that rarely happens. On a sidenote several pet projects have strung up for people to work on as well as getting back documentation of the ship and it’s interworkings. At least I have coffee now.

Episode 4: Coffee and Corporate Conflicts
05 December 2012 Session

As the squelch erupts over the communications channel again between bouts of gunfire can be heard as where the armored death troops storm around the ship to take over and where Jerad and Jason were and what they were doing to repel them I can only think of one thing, I hope they were ok. The canisters of coffee that Henry Rose had on him are what I meant specifically. I guess I should explain a bit first how we got into this situation.

Episode 3: Piloting & Pirates
28 November 2012 Session

Captain’s Memorandum for Record: We are a large gleaming target. Not only does the alien architecture of our ship point us out to our pursuers but it also points us out to pirates to possibly means “Look at me and see what you can steal!” Note to self draft policy on friendly fire use corporate policy if available in library. Also check policy for project managers on shooting hostile vessels out of self defense with extreme prejudice. A bit of a recap is probably needed.

Episode 2: Captain and Courtin'

Before I was woken up in the front storage area supposedly one of the Engineers was found from the propulsion integration and xeno engine analysis team, John Trashcat. Thankfully we have someone who can get us going, unfortunately we’re low on fuel. Although the xenotech or alien based engine had a large energy output signature that would exponentially be needed for travel his special project is to find out possible conduits to where such an energy source might travel to unlock more secrets behind this ship. Granted we’ve been researching this for several years but the immediate need to make sure Life systems stays online continuously is a good motivator for him.

Episode 1: Blast off or Blown up?

Lets see, full departmental Memorandum of notification: All meetings are currently canceled indefintely due to the Research Center Attack, current known survivers will participate in a transition IPT (interdepartmental progress technical meeting). All current departmenal projects will continue with the current minimal manning, slippage in schedule is expected but will continue and research will be documented as the ship is transport to our final desination.


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