Episode 16: Coming Clean and Getting Away

Season 1 Finale

Ozzie intercepts a message that is so complex and encrypted he can’t figure it out and he tells the crew. The ship ‘lurched’ for a lack of words and seemed to start rejecting all the human fabrications on it, Jason and Tori got to work repairing so we could move and Shiro decrypted the message and lets the crew know what it said. He was being ordered to subdue the crew and prep the ship for boarding. This would probably lead to them killing off the rest of the crew and him as well respectively after the ship was secured. The shock of it all had to wait as Shiro explained since it had been a while and the ship had stopped coming towards the station where the ambush was they would send out some people to capture the ship. Truth to story two ships moved out of the space station with a collision course with us at inscreasing speed. With talks of what to do with the traitor Shiro on the side the crew made due dealing with the immediate danger of being blown up as we speed away from the planet and our would be captors equipped with missles. As the ships finally moved out of range the ship breathed a little easier knowing we were going to die. Everyone looked at Shiro since he had a bit of explaining to do. Usually when he tried to do this though everyone ran away or ignored him.

Shiro explained the odd story of a conman/deadbeat boyfriend who got blacklisted for doing too many jobs screwing over various gang bosses (for those various mob bosses). With the option of leaving the planet which would get his girlfriend killed since she wouldn’t leave and staying which would lead to his own demise it was odd when all of a sudden no one came gunning for him or even showed recognition of who he was. A man in a corporate suit told him his ‘debt’ had been bought and he had a new job off world. Job was simple. Wear the clothes given, read the documentation at the location as people about the projects they were researching and report back. Only the people who hired him didn’t work for that company he was goint to be working at.

The perfect con, Shiro read up on what the processes and procedures were and asked the questions for the insider information on the researchers’ projects since it was his ‘job’ to keep track literally. No one paid attention to the project manager and what he was doing, that might get people more work. All the talk about process and documentation made other people quezy it seemed. Ten or twelve years later the reporting of the alien ship lead to no communications for a while until there was the simple instruction to move projects along so the corporation was prepped to move the ship to another facility and then delay the project and stall. He never knew it would lead to the attack.

Shiro explained he knew a place they could lay low, work on the ship, find out about it and possibly find out about the corporation. It would cost the crew though, they couldn’t toss him off the spaceship and they had to get someone off planet when they got there… after that though all bets were off for Shiro’s safety.

Tori finding out about Shiro asked bluntly if that meant he would stop talking about documentation now. Shiro said he didn’t have to use as much jargon and for the first time Tori smiled since they had seen her on the ship and she laughed… much like an evil child would when they pull the wings off a butterfly. She then remembered something and told us what had happened with the ship. Supposedly the ship was a telepath… ship? To the point she could tell it ‘woke up’ and that another ship or at least it’s core or what was left of it was screaming out in pain toward our ship. I asked if it was trying to steal the ships body or something odd like that… I do like a good horror movie. Also it came to my attention from when she said it and she started to talk before I could ask, she knew the ship was a telepath since she was a telepath. Primarily an asset developed by the Terran government. Which is another reason why I think they’re a right bunch of bastards.

With the crew wondering if they could trust me and why I was adding in rescuing or kidnapping they weren’t sure yet some unknown lady Tori offered to delve into my mind to find out. Jerad rubbing his head nodding and explained mind raping Shiro would probably let them know what I was really thinking about. I immediately refused. I was up for a minor mind probing even a little fondling but this who mind raping thing wasn’t happening. Tori made the comment that my misinterpretation of mind rape in relation to sex was not entirely accurate which was why she thought it was funny. She decided to let me know mind rape was a lot more painly physically and pychologically was in comparison to sodomy… I kind of wished we were back to me mentioning something and Tori ignoring me or running away from the meeting.

Tori caught images of Delilah and I could seem them. It was weird since it was my memories somce nice like us spending time together or spending ‘time together’. There were also the violent times and arguements. The visions ended when Tori and I both gasped for breathe reliving one of the times Delilah had stabbed me in the chest with a dull knife. Tori asked me about why I was getting stabbed in the chest by this woman I wanted to save. I explained why I thought she had that time. Jerad and Tori ask in unison about me meaning ‘that time’. I shrugged. Tori vouched that I was sincere about what I was offering.

We crew had three leads to track down, finding the author behind a book Mykal had read that had similar ideas to our ship, the telepath refugee camp Tori had been searching for, and laying low in the area I was from which meant going through the worm hole AND Terran space. At least we knew they weren’t looking for us directly. Mykal had the idea of doing a makeover of Tori so she wouldn’t stand out so much. I reminded Tori she was probably working on a project that she needed to get back to and she was about to say know when she figured it out. She stood and bolted before Mykal could start talk of haircuts, trips to the salon, waxings, and practice wearing high heels. I privately messaged her and said it wasn’t as bad as mind rape. Tori thought it actually be. We charted a course to the author’s editor’s planet. I uncuffed and rolled up my sleeves and took off my tie. Since the truth was out I didn’t have to look and act as uptight as you would expect. The ooh behind me though made me wonder since Mykal asked how many tatooes I had as she started from my forearms to my neck since they were showing. Asking if she meant ones she could see got an evil laugh much like Tori’s earlier.

End of Season 1 – GM going on Hiatus for a bit.


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