The Premise
The year is 3627 and the Teleprime corporation mining expedition in Groombridge 1618 has just made the greatest discovery in history. Scientific teams were rushed to the outpost to determine what was buried on the asteroid TKN1103. Initial work was slow, but the artifact turned out to be a fully functional alien ship buried inside the large asteroid. After cutting the ship free the scientists have managed to work out some basic functions of the ship, but much of it remains an enigma.

The very existence of this ship proves one very important thing: we now have undeniable proof of intelligent non-human life. Where did the ship come from? And why was it buried in an asteroid? To the board of directors at Teleprime this discovery represents a chance to become the richest corporation in the entire Terran Empire. All records have been sealed and no one outside the corporation is to be informed of the discovery, especially not the Terran government.

The Scenario
You are an employee of Teleprime corporation; a scientist, security guard, supply ship pilot, engineer, miner, manager, janitor etc. While taking a break in the cafeteria, the unexpected happens. Heavily armed troops have just entered the facility and have started shooting. One thing quickly becomes clear; they don’t intend to take prisoners.

Can you survive the assault? And if you do where will you go?

This is an adventure of survival and mystery in the most violent frontier system in the Human Empire. You must face pirates, xenophobic colonists, fanatic groups, and mysterious religious orders as you try to keep yourselves alive while being pursued by a shadowy organization. Can you unlock the mysteries of the alien ship? And if you do, what will it mean for humanity?